Ice dams wreak havoc on homeowners during Minnesota’s heavy snowfalls. We find that older homes with less insulation, especially in Minneapolis and St. Paul, tend to be more prone to roof ice dams. If an ice dam is left unattended it can result in water intrusion into your walls and insulation, causing extensive damage to your ceilings and the structural integrity of your home. Removing an ice dam must be done with the proper equipment. Allied Construction runs multiple crews equipped with commercial low pressure ice dam steamers designed specifically for the purpose.

 Allied Construction is a leading Minnesota roofing contractor. Our experience on the roofs of Minnesota extends beyond the traditional months. As a homegrown local company, taking care of a roof during the winter is second nature. We don’t advise trying to remove an ice dam by yourself, as it can be dangerous or you could cause more damage if removing the dam incorrectly. Call Allied Construction to remove your ice dam.

 Beyond ice dam removal, Allied Construction offers complete water extraction and dryout using commercial DriEaz dehumidifiers, fans, and other specialized equipment. You can count on us as a full service contractor to work directly with your insurance company and complete all the repairs. Typical services during a full service ice dam removal with interior water damage includes demolition, drywall and sheetrock, insulation repair, popcorn or knockdown ceiling textures, painting, wood flooring, wood floor refinishing, windows and carpeting. All of these construction concepts are commonly affected during an interior water damage insurance claim



2 Story House

2 man crew and 2 hour minimum
  • *We will need access to water and electrical*

Any House

Heights over 21'
  • *We will need access to water and electrical*

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